Optimization Overview

Once an initial assessment is completed, Martindale Empowerment Corporation will then recommend additional detailed assessments and/or offer additional services and proposals to assist in optimizing the company. MEC has award winning marketing experts and works together with other alliance partners to optimize your company to it's highest potential. MEC not only recommends what to do, but we'll roll up our sleeves and help you get it done.Sometimes techies are excellent at developing applications, but not positioning the company in the marketplace, packaging a product, or delivering the product to the marketplace, and there is a need for marketing assistance. Perhaps there is a need for a business plan which re-approaches the current market more effectively, facilitates investor agreements or attractiveness, or make the pragmatic changes necessary due to changes in the today's business climate. Perhaps there is a need to develop presentations to attract more capital. Or perhaps there is a need to change the way business processes are done, in order to gain a competitive advantage. Whatever the need, MEC will identify what pieces are missing in an optimum business operation, and assist in a way that facilitates success.

  • Business Planning Services
  • New marketing plan
  • Corporate image / advertising services
  • Investor presentations
  • Industry alliance representation
  • Sales staff consulting / training
  • Technology services:
    • Project management
    • Software development
    • Hardware solutions design
    • Outsource management
    • Intranet / extranet / website development
    • Documentation / training materials
    • Packaging / marketing
    • Support systems
Business Planning

Since the market has changed, a new business plan is often necessary which defines a new business and profit model that takes into account new investor exit strategies and market changes. This also becomes the new map for where the company goes from this point forward.

Investor Presentations

A business idea can be difficult to explain to potential investors. MEC creates videos, portfolios, corporate collateral and power point presentations to project the true value of your product or service, and show step by step the investor's risks, potential rewards and exit strategies.

Corporate Image & Collateral

Even if you have the best product or service, that doesn't mean that potential customers, investors, alliance partners, or your industry are able to understand the value you provide them. MEC can help show you belong in the game with new logos, corporate image, websites, signage, promotion, business cards, brochures, or whatever is needed when communicating with other.

Business Process Re-Engineering

Lowering cost of production, speeding up time to market, increasing customer satisfaction, cutting down on errors, facilitating productive management, or coming up with a way to beat your competition with how you do things. Business processes can be examined and re-engineered for optimum efficiency.

Product Development & Packaging

OK. Its time to actually deliver the product. Now you need a good Graphical User Interface (GUI), packaging, brochures, support and training tools. MEC can assist in helping the customer understand the value of your product.

Software Application Development

If the product hasn't been delivered on time, MEC can bring in teams that can finish or come along side to help bring the product to market. Until the product is able to be sold, it isn't worth any of the money that has been invested. Anything from Java, C++, HTML to online shopping carts to business to business extranets.

Market Positioning & Advertising

You may have the best product or service, but if no one knows you have it, they'll never buy it from you. We can help position your company in the marketplace, assist you with P/R, and advertise your product or service to your potential client base.