The Need for Diagnostics & Analysis

There are many components to a successful business, and each of those can be optimized to push a company toward profitability. Many dot-com businesses were based on premises no longer valid in today's marketplace, which counted on potential IPO's or stock increases for investor exit strategies. Now a company needs to make money, no longer depending on "smoke and mirrors" or hopeful, long-term speculations grounded in unrealistic dreams.

Can the company be turned around? Should you invest more, or just more wisely? Are there just specific problems that need to be fixed? In order to answer such questions as these and others, a process of analysis is required involving a specific set of diagnostics regarding the key areas of any operation.

Martindale Empowerment Corporation is brought in to perform these diagnostics, to analyze the fundamentals of the business, and to determine exactly what problem areas may exist, as well as exactly what should be done to fix them. Key areas considered include the business model and business plan, management systems, market positioning, business processes, supply chain structure, cost to deliver, capitalization, personnel, services and specific profit models.

Sometimes, a problem is simple and easy to fix, or a company's technology may have substantial value in different ways than are currently being utilized, and, in some cases, new resources and alliances can be leveraged to take a company to a new growth plateau. Sometimes, however, adverse circumstances may be insurmountable, in which case Martindale Empowerment may indicate that the client should merely "pull the plug" rather than spend good money after bad.

By taking the time to examine the company in-depth, capital is more wisely utilized, and the directors are able to operate from a confident position of knowing specifically what needs to be done. In every case, MEC's goal is to objectively analyze and provide immediate solutions, to help everyone involved, from investors to managers, to be able to achieve thier objectives.

Why MEC?

Many consulting firms, including "The Big Six" only seek to extend their involvement with a client for as long as possible, in order to generate continuing revenues for themselves for as long as possible. We at MEC, however, are a smaller, more boutique-like operation focused on providing real answers and real solutions as quickly and economically as possible. Where the big consulting firms may be compared to physicians who perpetually treat a condition with on-going visits and numerous---often superflous---tests and more tests to mitigate thier own risk, MEC is more like an emergency room doctor who immediately diagnoses the situation and prescribes immediate, necessary treatment.

Instead of hosting months of unnecessary meetings and discussions before getting to the point, we first seek to establish exactly what a company needs, and only what it needs---even in the way of consulting services---in order to provide true value, quickly, with results. Our reputation is built on honesty, integrity and putting the client's interests first with direct candor and real, practical solutions. Thus, in order to ascertain exact needs as efficiently as possible, the first step we take in working with any company is what we call The Initial Assessment.

The Initial Assessment

The Initial Assessment consists of two solid days, on-site, with your company's management team, as well as others, to peform an informed analysis and to become intimately educated with your particular operation, its specific characteristics and its relative circumstances. With this knowledge, combined with our expertise in business strategy, management, marketing, technology and business process, we are usually able to identify your strengths, weaknesses and problems instantly, submitting a detailed report and making acute observations with solid, useful recommendations for remedies and optimization.

In many cases, more detailed assessments may be required such as an in-depth technology assessment, more in-depth legal discovery or an exhaustive due diligence assessment, but The Initial Assessment immediately identifies any problem areas with the least possible expenditure in order to pin-point the next best course of action. Upon submitting your report from the Intitial Assesment, MEC may also provide various proposals for other services, with specific costs outlined, should you choose to have us provide optimization services to actually solve the problems discovered.

What is Involved in the Initial Assessment

The Initial Assessment involves a two-day visit and analysis by MEC's lead diagnostic expert, Stephen Martindale, on-site at your company's primary location to examine the key components of your business operation. Martindale, a recognized business expert with a diverse background in finance, software development and marketing, specializes in the technology sector with honed skills in profit model analysis and business process reengineering. He is also highly respected as a unique "translator" between investors, corporate managers and technical personnel with a keen understanding of each specific area of operation, and is a productive facilitator of pragmatic communication between these diverse components to help achieve the objectives of each.

Prior to the two-day visit, MEC will request a list of materials to reviewed in advance.

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The Initial Assessment

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