Web Development

Websites that DO things ...

The web is changing quickly, from a medium which has primarily been a due diligence tool and marketing brochure to an online programming tool which connects you to your personnel, clients, and supply chain, as if everyone is networked through the internet. Most anything that you've been able to do with your computer network can now be done online, and then some, with centralized data, remote access from anywhere you have internet access, and automated processes.

As TV, film and video merges as mediums to the internet, with database backends, quality audio and video can be interactive with intelligence. Infomercials which cost you to run everytime they show can now be played anytime 24/7 at little cost, enabling you to illustrate the value of your products and services to your customers.

Now knowledge can be centralized, collected and retained by your organization, and connecting to one another so that everyone doesn't have to re-invent the wheel from scratch, radically increasing productivity and profitablity as organizations, businesses, government and common interest groups build upon each other's efforts. This is referred to as Knowledge Management, which MEC specializes in.

Management can have everything integrated from the desktop to HR to website to customers to suppliers to subcontractors where information, organization, tracking and money flow efficiently as never before.

MEC doesn't just build brochure-ware, our websites DO things that provide a business ROI to your bottom line. We understand the business side of the web, not just the web side of business.

From award winning design, customer relationship management, content management, shopping cart eCommerce, interactive video, video streaming, online training, workflows, process automation, notification, click-to-call/chat, call centers, product fulfillment, database applications, Search Engine Optimization, sales presentations, back office reporting, affiliate tracking systems, email management, customer response, flash presentations, discussion forums, HR intranets, response forms, drag and drop menus, calendars, scheduling, tracking, order management, project management, auto quoting, booking systems, MEC has been assisting businesses in web development since the internet first became public.

Let us help you get a leg up on your competition in this challenging economy by working "on your company" so it thrives, not just "in your company" to survive.