Optimize Your Business Model

What may have worked two years ago does not necessarily work today.

Our market climate is increasingly changing, and is now more volatile than ever. A successful company must quickly adapt to the quick-changing times, not only to survive, but as the economy picks up, profit and grow.

The companies that adapt to the needs of this marketplace, implmenting shrewd use of new technology and process improvement, and effective marketing strategies, will not only be standing after the downturn, but better positioned for increased market share and higher profits.

Some companies are putting into place solid success and growth strategies that take advantage of market conditions, while still mitigating against possible market unstability. But, some businesses are thriving, not just surviving.

What are they doing that we’re not?

Some of the newer ventures are thriving, and continuing to grow, even seeming to capitalize on the turbulent market conditions, and growing stronger every day, no matter what they do. How are they so easily succeeding while others, despite every effort and expense, continue to wither and die?

Are the successful companies growing due to pure luck, or some mystical ability to predict the future? Being in the right place at the right time? Or is it due to smart management, good marketing or a great ad campaign? Is it all of the above? Or none of them? The answer is identifiable, and unique, in each and every case.

Likewise, the things that hold some companies back are just as identifiable, and in each case, the answer is just as unique.

In some cases it may be internal problems such as an unacceptable profit model, a choking legal issue, or a simple management principle that is being ignored. In other cases, it may be serious external problems such as a hostile change in legislation, a new development with your competition, or a shift in your market’s buying habits that have made the hope of progress seemingly overwhelming. And what, then, is the best plan of action?

The only way to know for sure is to seek objective counsel. Wise counsel that has seen these situations before, and can quickly identify the problems and the most effective remedies.

Enter: MEC

Martindale Empowerment Corporation is a unique group of seasoned business analysts, attorneys, consultants, technical development experts and high-profile marketing professionals, who have come together as a single-minded team to offer strategic business assessment, diagnostics, counseling and optimizing assistance.

Martindale Empowerment is not one company, but several successful allied companies, each specializing in diverse fields, offering valuable experience and methods of assessment, quickly providing accurate diagnostics, tried-and-proven solutions, and economical plans of action that work. This unique team approach also allows MEC to bring in other experts where necessary.

Unlike traditional consulting firms, MEC partners and experts have been in the trenches with virtually every kind of business, from small, undercapitalized startups to public, Fortune 500 giants, and have seen almost every possible business problem, again and again.

Martindale Empowerment serves private investors, venture capital firms and company managers as an objective advocate, first performing an initial assessment of the company to evaluate the technology, marketing, market position, management and operations. Through this initial assessment, MEC is usually able to diagnose any besetting difficulties and suggest tactical remedies which often enhance company performance immediately. MEC also proposes a positive, strategic plan for optimization. MEC can also establish new market opportunities that have not been previously identified, and often discover new potential applications for your technology in arenas that may not have been previously considered.

Specifically for Investors

From an investor’s standpoint, MEC evaluates the continuing cash needs of existing investments, or may be asked to perform a due dilligence review of a new venture before investment is extended.

Much like a mechanic, hired to do an inspection on a car, our due diligence team gets to know the management team, analyzes operations, combs the books and identifies any red flags that might impact any investment decision. Whatever the current situation, MEC will you help determine your best course of action, as quickly as possible.


Martindale Empowerment Corporation is a business consulting, technology development and strategic marketing firm, partnered with A7 Multimedia, an advertising, corporate image and multimedia firm.

This unique partnership also relies on various other alliances including some of the industry’s best software and hardware developers, legal and accounting firms, research companies and national advertising and marketing agencies.

The following column contains an abbreviated client list that MEC partners have done work for in the past—some of them big Fortune 500 companies, and some of them very small ones that are now on their way!

Abbreviated Client List

AIG • AMRESCO • AMSEC International • AT&T Capital • Bluegreen Vacations LLC • Bombardier • Central Fidelity Bank • Chase Manhattan Bank • Chesley Real Estate • City of Baltimore, Maryland • City of Richmond, Virginia • Consolidated Packing Corporation • Corinthian Colleges, Inc. • CTX Mortgage • Fannie Mae Corporation • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation • First Potomac Mortgage • First Tennessee Bank • First Union • Florida Family Insurance • Harris Specialty Chemicals • Hilton • ImphoMatch • Microsoft Corporation • NASCAR • National Credit Union Administration • NAVSEA - US Navy Headquarters • Nucor Corporation • QSM, LLC • Republic of Liberia • Resolution Trust Corporation • Reston Children's Center • Skyline Displays • Stenner • Subway • Suburban Credit Corporation • Symantec • Uniprompt Microsystems • UUNET • VCIT • V-Tech, Ltd.

Specifically for Managers

From a management standpoint, MEC evaluates the current value of technology and operations and offers productive alternatives to help reposition and repackage existing assets to attract new money, new markets and new opportunities. Often, a new presentation and packaging of services will offer a persuasive change in your offering. Such a make-over, or changes in the structure of operations, can accelerate the results of the company to meet or exceed the goals of each party involved—from CEO to shareholder—and ultimately earn the endorsement of your market.

MEC can help you overcome barriers that have constrained growth, internal as well as external. We can reposition assets to more effectively perform in a changing market. We can develop new marketing and advertising to target specific markets which may have been overlooked or previously unresponsive to your message. MEC can also tap numerous established networks to help you form new alliances and partnerships structured to yield opportunities that you have considered unattainable.

A Strategic Plan of Action

MEC’s success is achieved through an acute understanding of your company’s dynamics, technology potential assessment, current market trends and short and long term opportunities. Once a preliminary evalution is performed, a strategic plan of action is outlined and proposed to most effectively optimize your venture.

Some businesses are merely suffering temporary setbacks, waiting for circumstances to plane off to almost certain profits and growth. MEC helps recognize such situations, outlining the best possible ways to exploit your venture’s potential. Your best plan may simply be to wait, and to keep doing what you are doing.

Other companies are suffering certain debilitating deficiencies that are easily repairable with relatively nominal expenditures or merely a new direction. In such cases, MEC outlines a detailed plan involving elements such as infrastructure adjustment, a new business plan, a corporate image makeover or a new marketing plan. MEC may even help you initiate new strategic alliances, or assist you in developing materials to respond to investor needs.

Some ventures are suffering from fatal, core flaws, either in their profit models, mismatched key personnel, or a current market climate hostile to the company’s survival. In cases such as these, MEC will quickly identify the inherent problems, candidly suggest a closing procedure, and help strategically get your books in order to shut the entity down, liquidate or exit with as much return as possible on your investment. You may also choose to list your investment on the MEC Network where you may sell, license, trade or combine your position on our exclusive private market. Thus, there is still a hope of capitalizing even on what seems to be a hopeless cause.

Solid Confidence

Before you make your next move, consider all of your options very carefully. Have MEC take an objective look at your business model and provide solid, unbiased recommendations. Whatever you end up doing, you will proceed with invaluable confidence knowing that your decision is made with the counsel of extensive experience and sound business logic.

The Next Step

To get started with MEC on your side, contact us, and set up a time to discuss your particular circumstances. Depending on the nature of your concerns, various partners or other area-specific experts may be asked to join in on a second telephone conference to determine the most effective way to approach your needs.

A proposal is then submitted to perform a preliminary evalution of your organization and a suggested schedule for this initial assessment.

Upon your approval, the MEC team will go to work, to evaluate your company’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, to develop a strategic plan of action, and to optimize your business model for ultimate performance and profits.

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