Application Development
Once the business processes have been reengineered, every step that can possibly be automated is developed into an application.These processes can be encapsulated in workflows and various applications such as extranets, knowledge management systems, software, and databases with graphical user front-ends.

Technology has advanced to the place where almost anything you can do in a software application can be done online, which allows knowledge to be centralized, secure access from almost anywhere there is an internet connection, with interaction in real time. You can even develop drag and drop design interfaces with new Ajax programming.

Web Development

Knowledge Management Systems allow for the ability to connect to people and collect knowledge not only from the past, but as you go in the future. Knowledge within the organization doesn't have to be lost, but passed on to the next worker. People can connect to others in a workflow or who have similar interests, allowing each other to build up on each other's efforts, instead of re-inventing the wheel, dramatically increasing productivity and profitability in an organization.

Knowledge Management

Many applications are designed by programmers, which isn't the way a majority of workers think. Understanding the view each person has to information and how they work most effectively is critical to developing intuitive, efficient intefaces that are adopted and utilized in an organization.

Human Interface Design

MEC has developed a proprietary extranet builder which enables MEC to create industry-wide applications for processes that many others do, but find the ways that it's done most efficiently, and pass on that expertise to everyone on the system.